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Monsta Infinite Investor Reminders

  Fan Art by Investor Reminders: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, just don’t go with the HYPE ! Visit their website , check their roadmap and whitepaper , analyze it and check if their plans or NFT game has potential. Check their TEAM backgrounds, what are their capability and remember you’re not just investing in the NFT game, you also investing with their skills.  AMA (ask me anything) session is the first step to know more about the Developers, so make sure you participate on it. To watch the first AMA hosted by Professor T-rex ,click here . Are their tokens (MONI & STT) listed or plan to be listed in any big name exchange p


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