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Thanks to everyone who purchased my artwork. I already sold over 25,000+ artworks and counting as of today. Don't forget to follow me and check my new uploads every week at

Seataoo Scam, beware of this site!

First, let’s discuss what is Seataoo? Seataoo is an online cross-border e-commerce platform, Seataoo Philippines was established on October 2022. As a rookie cross-border e-commerce platform, Seataoo has been favored by users since its establishment. Currently, they got over 300,000 users as of June 2023 and serve 25 countries, yes! Seataoo not only sells or provides services within the Philippines but Globally. Seataoo also owns e-commerce websites like Shopee and Lazada. They also got an app in Android and IOS, achieving this platform as a rookie who just established last 2022 is already amazing. Although, I notice there a still some improvements needed to make their website, and app more user and customer friendly. You can also find them on their office at 12th Floor, Co­co­l­ight Build­ing, 39th Street cor­ner 11th Av­enue, Boni­fa­cio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila or contact them on their telephone number (02) 8712-7516 or reach them thru email at T

Amazon AE Cheapest IT Purchases

Here is a list of Amazon IT purchases. Headset Camera Mouse Keyboard Air Duster Micro Fiber Cloth 65W USB C laptop charger Lenovo C-Dock HP C-Dock

Discover the Art of Displate: A Review

Introduction It’s time to give your home décor a makeover! Introducing, the digital printing company bringing you striking pieces of art that you can hang on your wall with just one click. Puzzle over mesmerizing abstract pieces, witty jokes and quotes, science-inspired designs and artsy photographs – all of which make a bold statement and bring life to your space. Invigorate your home with these bold artworks and feel inspired by unlocking the world of Unlock a World of Possibilities with has revolutionized the way we decorate our homes. Choose from thousands of digital prints, personalized artwork and other wall décor in just a few clicks. From classic wall art to abstract pieces, you can find something that matches your style. Plus, you can select variations in sizes, materials, textures and colors to make sure the artwork compliments your space. With, you can never run out of wall decor options. Meet Displate: Th

Earn a passive income on their crypto assets through staking and farming features via Bolide Finance

Bolide Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that provides its users with the opportunity to earn a passive income on their crypto assets through staking and farming features. The platform operates as a yield aggregator that optimizes the deployment of its clients’ digital assets across multiple platforms, earning them market-leading yields while saving them time and money. Bolide Finance’s staking feature allows users to lock up their crypto assets in exchange for rewards. Users can earn passive income by staking their tokens, which are then used by the platform for various purposes, including liquidity provision and yield generation. The staking rewards are paid out in the same currency that was staked, and the returns depend on the length of the staking period and the number of tokens staked. The farming feature on Bolide Finance is similar to staking, but instead of simply holding tokens, users can provide liquidity to various pools and earn rewards in return. The p

About eBay US

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces, where individuals and businesses can sell their products to a wide audience. If you’re looking to sell on eBay, it’s important to know which products are currently in demand. Here are some top-selling products on eBay, based on recent statistics: Car phone holders: According to a recent report, car phone holders are one of the best-selling products on eBay, with a sell-through rate of 12,757% and an average price of $7.80 per item [ 2 ]. Disposable face masks: In early 2021, disposable face masks were the best-selling product on eBay, with more than 293 items sold per week per listing in the United States [ 3 ]. Clothing and accessories: eBay is a popular destination for buying and selling clothing and accessories. Some top-selling items in this category include designer handbags, vintage clothing, and athletic wear. Electronics: eBay is also a popular destination for buying and selling electronics, including smartphones, lapto

Monsta TapWar FAQ

  Monsta TapWar TapWar Questions and Answer: What is TapWar? TapWar is the Play2earn mini-game of Monsta Infinite and it's one of the main features in the upcoming main game. How to Play: Download the game to your preferred device, log in with QR code (copy to clipboard is easiest), and begin tapping! You get 1 move to make the highest combos that you can. Try different strategies and methods to move around the board and unlock the secrets of Tapwar. Download here: Where’s a guide or tutorial: Check out the Helpdesk guide here and be sure to check out the in-game tutorials! How can we earn in Tapwar? Be part of the leaderboard, and won Fortune Crates! When can we start earning? Now!, Play TapWar and be part of our top 500 on the leaderboard! Why is xSTT in my wallet but not in my TapWar game? You need to Authorize the wallet first and sign it, then set a spen

Best Mobile Gaming Buddy

       If you looking for best tech for mobile gaming, then you got the right page to read as I will share my own personal experience and review regarding this 3 magnificent tech I found and recently purchased and pledged. Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021) Apple iPad Mini 6      Recently I decided upgrade my device to iPad Mini 6 (2021) and pass my old iPad Mini 5(2019) to my daughter, who got an iPad Mini 2 (2015) as she start having problems while playing her favorite games like Roblox, Cookie Run Kingdom and many more. As being a loving father (joke), I decided to buy a new one even I don't need it yet just to upgrade my daughter device.  Why I upgrade to Apple iPad Mini 6 instead? First because of the screen size, iPad Mini 6 version is the best fit for mobile gamers, comes with 8.3 inch display screen (with 2k resolution) which cover larger area in games than ordinary 5 to 6 inch cellphones, and the weight of the iPad Mini 6 itself its fantastic, its light which make you able to play l

Monsta Updates

Monsta Infinite heard you about Monsta Assembly (live session) so they decided stop the live session until further notice. In-line with this changes Monsta Infinite return to normal weekly updates. If you missed the old updates check from here. Monsta Infinite Final AMA 2021: AMA Recap and Live Q&A Monsta Infinite Weekly Updates Summary Monsta Assembly Recap #1 Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0 3rd Monsta Assembly Recap Mid April Updates: Marketplace Updates Completed task for the week: A Deck of Cards - Monsta cards updated on the Monsta details page. Bug Infestation - 2 bugs fixed for the sorting function in the Marketplace and skills cards arrangement. The Future of the Internet - Monsta selling process web 3.0 integration completed and in review by QA. Upcoming sprint for the week: Integration of Web 3.0 into buying, cloning and transferring Monsta process. Graphic improvements and button fixes Website Updates Completed task for the week: Thing are getting cleaner - Website content dr

3rd Monsta Assembly Recap

  1st update: Website First update for website revamping, we are still in the ideation stage, the current ideas, flows and wireframe are in form of drafts and will be reviewed and amended until satisfactory. We consider a few perspective; current market trend, UI/UX, and more. There are a few stages; Ideation stage - Ideation stage - Wireframe - Mock up - Prototype - First stage development - Second stage development - Third stage development Since we are running things parallel, both the ideation stage and wireframe are being developed simultaneously. We also plan to release the features on a gradual manner, meaning certain features would be available to the current website, depending on the discretion of our WordPress developer of course. 2nd Update: Marketplace We have the usual suspects, bug fixes and UI/UX improvements. We managed to complete the tasks from the last update and some more. This includes the Minigame login feature. That’s a hint guys, you’re going to need to access t

Community Insight for Monsta Infinite

   James YoungerAccount , [3/16/2022 5:57 PM @ Telegram] said, Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. As we know, minigame delay has caused doubts. Is this normal? Yes, very normal. But hey hey hey, you guys forget the important thing here. MI is not just about game. Yes, game is a very important part but please guys, look at the big picture, MI is an ecosystem which game just part of it. Things that make me sad is not the delay, but the community easily influenced by fudders who in fact don’t understand what they’re talking about. But few might say “ Man, I don’t trust admins, mods and devs. They will only say good things. What should I do? ” The answer is easy   RESEARCH RESEARCH  and  RESEARCH . Remember research is important in any type of investment, especially in wild crypto space. Here the things I think you should pay attention to: 1. The Project MI has Marketplace, Launchpad, Own chain, Incubation program. And more to come. How? Based on my judgement, MI dev is very

Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0

  We will be sharing with you guys, the update from the same 2 products we have been talking previously, the Marketplace and The Mini Game. All right, let’s talk about the Marketplace: Completed tasks You guys may be weird on why there is only 1 completed task: FILTERS. In words, it may not seem much; but executing it would take several stages of coding involved. Each filter, from the clone usage, pricing and type needs separate works done respectively. Now since its finalized, it will be sent to the QA for review. Once it passed the reviews, it would then be handed over to the developer team to be implemented into the Marketplace V2 update. Ongoing sprint There are some familiar topics here, like the token balance and the minigame syncing features. Some of these tasks are more challenging as it seems and would need more time. The challenging part about the minigame syncing features is that it involves both the minigame and the marketplace. Not only does it need both features to sync s


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