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Best Mobile Gaming Buddy


Mobile Gaming

    If you looking for best tech for mobile gaming, then you got the right page to read as I will share my own personal experience and review regarding this 3 magnificent tech I found and recently purchased and pledged.

Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021)

Apple iPad Mini 6
Apple iPad Mini 6

    Recently I decided upgrade my device to iPad Mini 6 (2021) and pass my old iPad Mini 5(2019) to my daughter, who got an iPad Mini 2 (2015) as she start having problems while playing her favorite games like Roblox, Cookie Run Kingdom and many more. As being a loving father (joke), I decided to buy a new one even I don't need it yet just to upgrade my daughter device.

 Why I upgrade to Apple iPad Mini 6 instead?

  • First because of the screen size, iPad Mini 6 version is the best fit for mobile gamers, comes with 8.3 inch display screen (with 2k resolution) which cover larger area in games than ordinary 5 to 6 inch cellphones, and the weight of the iPad Mini 6 itself its fantastic, its light which make you able to play longer.
  • A15 Bionic chip which make your iPad Mini 6 became 30% faster than iPad Mini 5.
  • 4GB RAM from 3GB RAM in iPad Mini 5, make your devices do more multi-task.
  • Two side stereo speakers also a great upgrade with iPad Mini 6 as you can hear the sound in both side now, without covering it with your hands and the sound its great than the iPad Mini 5.
  • USB C, the best features they did as now I can use my Samsung charger with my iPad Mini 6 now.
  • All day battery and the 20W fast charging charger, which help you back to grinding ASAP.
  • Not game related but also big thumbs-up features with iPad Mini 6 is the support of Apple Pen 2nd Generation. Now you can just attached the Pen and wirelessly charged it with your iPad unlike with 1st Gen.

Fast Charge!

Of course every gamer, want to play all day, but being mobile gamer restrict you to play addictive (whole day gaming) without rest which very bad for your health. But since mobile gamers use cellphone or tablet, battery charge is the big factor as when you got battery low you're force to stop playing that's why I chose to be mobile gamer than PC gamer.

I found this 2 newly tech, that may help all mobile gamers when it comes to fast charging their device and back to grinding right away of course after you rest and eat first!

SlimQ 65W GaN travel charger

SlimQ 65W GaN charger
SlimQ 65W GaN charger

    SlimQ 65W GaN charger is one of the most portable charger equipped with latest GaN Technology which allow this charger to be small like golf ball. GaN is a material that produce less heat and much safer. If you charge a solo device on USB-C then you will get up to 65W (laptop or cellphone) and if you plug both on USB-C and USB-A then you will get up to 36W in both ports, usually on other charger you can only got 18W on USB-A. In SlimQ you can also purchase power plug adapter that needed in your country outlet standard.

I got the link where you can get a $10 OFF deal, incase you want it, buy it from here.

Pixel Cable

Pixel Cable
Pixel Cable

    Since you got a powerful charger, then you may need a superb USB-C or Lightning cable to pair with it. Pixel Cable is the first 100W cable, with customizable led screen and pair with multi function apps.
Display screen can show customize message (good for gift), charging animation, wattage meter, emoji or even logo and you can controlled it using one mobile application. Cable also braided so it will last for long time, good investment right! This product is not out yet for retail and still on crowdfunding state in Kickstarter. Once the pledge target met, shipping will start on August 2022. 

If you're interested about this charging cable you can pledge your support here



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