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Monsta Updates

Monsta Updates

Monsta Infinite
heard you about Monsta Assembly (live session) so they decided stop the live session until further notice. In-line with this changes Monsta Infinite return to normal weekly updates.

If you missed the old updates check from here.

Mid April Updates:

Marketplace Updates
  • Completed task for the week:
    • A Deck of Cards - Monsta cards updated on the Monsta details page.
    • Bug Infestation - 2 bugs fixed for the sorting function in the Marketplace and skills cards arrangement.
    • The Future of the Internet - Monsta selling process web 3.0 integration completed and in review by QA.
  • Upcoming sprint for the week:
    • Integration of Web 3.0 into buying, cloning and transferring Monsta process.
    • Graphic improvements and button fixes
Website Updates
  • Completed task for the week:
    • Thing are getting cleaner - Website content draft Milestone 1 completed and in review.
    • Go with the flow - Website flow finalized.
    • Looks Good! - Website 1st stage wireframe completed
    • Don't forget the pictures - Graphics selected and in development
  • Upcoming sprint for the week:
    • Website 1st milestone mockup development
    • Website milestone 2 content drafting
    • Graphics finalization
Mini Game Updates
  • Completed task for the week:
    • Audiophiles Rejoice - in-game sound effect completed
    • Animation Time - Animated more in-game assets: login page and game lobby
    • Ugly Bugs - 4 bugs regarding login functions fixed
  • Upcoming sprint for the week:
    • 3 Bugs to be fixed:
      • playback of in-game sound effect
      • login function process flow
      • loading screen not shown when going back to game lobby from game room
    • Migration to a new scalable server
    • Implement game data analytic tools
    • 9 Pending tasks in QA:
      • Player data security
      • anti-cheat
      • spending system
      • referral functions

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Monsta University
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NOTE: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, click here.



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