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Monsta Infinite Weekly Updates Summary

Monsta Infinite Weekly Updates

        As per Jin Tan (Monsta Infinite CEO) from his last AMA Session dated December 31, 2021. The website will undergo a full revamp including the full infinite verse plan and see their vision. They will have a dashboard with a guide for new users, Monsta Basic 101, as well as an announcement board that is more engaging, and the roadmap will be set in a more agile fashion and not static. Expect it to be more of a dashboard and less of a classical roadmap by February at the latest. 

For the meantime I will place here in this blog all the weekly updates until the website been revamped.


  • 12/28/2021 - Mini Game sneak peak 
    • image: 
      Mini Game Sneak PeakMini Game Sneak Peak
  • 01/10/2022 - Mini Game detailed updates
    • Completed Tasks
      • Login using your Monsta Wallet using QR code.
      • Games buttons are now all set!
      • Achievement Unlocked!
      • Minigame victors of the day will be displayed to the ranking board.
    •  On-Going Sprint
      • Game room transition and after the game effect
      • Sound FX for all the possible events
      • QA testing for the graphic pixelation, functionality and logical flow of the feature.
      • Game balancing for the the gameplay.
    • purpose:
      • Mini Game will be launch to test our server load and to gather some data, in preparation for upcoming Alpha and Beta launch, so don't expect will be the same game and requirements for the actual game.
    • source:
  • 01/15/2022 - Marketplace detailed updates
    • Completed Task
      • Ideation Stage done and dusted
      • Wireframe stage passed successfully
      • All-New features coming to you real soon such as personal dashboard and QR code function.
    • On-Going Sprint
      • 3rd marketplace design draft coming soon
      • Finalize the marketplace mock-up
      • Prototype submission
      • Enter the development stage
    • source:
  • 01/18/2022 - Mini Game detailed updates
    • Completed Task
      • Brand new graphics ready to roll
      • Animation and effects is now set
      • Code refactoring process accomplished
      • Quality Assurance testing has arrived
      • Bug fixes to the rescue, 9 bugs have been fixed.
    • On-Going Sprint
      • Bug fixes and Graphic updates for the game room
      • Leaderboard bug fixes
      • Apply and adjust new graphics and music on navigation
      • Minor changes in game settings.
    • source:
  • 01/23/2022 - Marketplace detailed updates
    • Completed Task
      • Marketplace 3rd design draft is in clear
      • Marketplace mockup 1st draft is complete
      • New features is added for better user experience
    • On-Going Sprint
      • More graphics will be added into mockup draft
      • Finalize the mockup draft
      • Prototype submission
    • source:
  • 01/25/2022 - Mini Game detailed updates
    • Completed Task
      • Partial server integration is done
      • 10 bugs have been fixed
      • New design materials have been applied to the game room
      • QA testing is cleared
      • 2 new cards into the Deck
    • On-Going Sprint
      • Bug fixes on authentication system, game room and game lobby
      • Integrating game server
      • Anti-cheat implementation
      • 2 special cards features will be implemented
    • source:

more info/updates will be added soon...

Be Bomoh

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NOTE: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, click here.

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