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Monsta TapWar FAQ

  Monsta TapWar TapWar Questions and Answer: What is TapWar? TapWar is the Play2earn mini-game of Monsta Infinite and it's one of the main features in the upcoming main game. How to Play: Download the game to your preferred device, log in with QR code (copy to clipboard is easiest), and begin tapping! You get 1 move to make the highest combos that you can. Try different strategies and methods to move around the board and unlock the secrets of Tapwar. Download here: Where’s a guide or tutorial: Check out the Helpdesk guide here and be sure to check out the in-game tutorials! How can we earn in Tapwar? Be part of the leaderboard, and won Fortune Crates! When can we start earning? Now!, Play TapWar and be part of our top 500 on the leaderboard! Why is xSTT in my wallet but not in my TapWar game? You need to Authorize the wallet first and sign it, then set a spen

Community Insight for Monsta Infinite

   James YoungerAccount , [3/16/2022 5:57 PM @ Telegram] said, Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. As we know, minigame delay has caused doubts. Is this normal? Yes, very normal. But hey hey hey, you guys forget the important thing here. MI is not just about game. Yes, game is a very important part but please guys, look at the big picture, MI is an ecosystem which game just part of it. Things that make me sad is not the delay, but the community easily influenced by fudders who in fact don’t understand what they’re talking about. But few might say “ Man, I don’t trust admins, mods and devs. They will only say good things. What should I do? ” The answer is easy   RESEARCH RESEARCH  and  RESEARCH . Remember research is important in any type of investment, especially in wild crypto space. Here the things I think you should pay attention to: 1. The Project MI has Marketplace, Launchpad, Own chain, Incubation program. And more to come. How? Based on my judgement, MI dev is very

Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0

  We will be sharing with you guys, the update from the same 2 products we have been talking previously, the Marketplace and The Mini Game. All right, let’s talk about the Marketplace: Completed tasks You guys may be weird on why there is only 1 completed task: FILTERS. In words, it may not seem much; but executing it would take several stages of coding involved. Each filter, from the clone usage, pricing and type needs separate works done respectively. Now since its finalized, it will be sent to the QA for review. Once it passed the reviews, it would then be handed over to the developer team to be implemented into the Marketplace V2 update. Ongoing sprint There are some familiar topics here, like the token balance and the minigame syncing features. Some of these tasks are more challenging as it seems and would need more time. The challenging part about the minigame syncing features is that it involves both the minigame and the marketplace. Not only does it need both features to sync s

Monsta Assembly Recap #1

  The team is working tirelessly and this way we can bring you the latest updates fresh from the team. Today we will be covering the marketplace and mini game updates. Lets start with the marketplace. In our development stages we have to digitalize all the items we have made to properly be put on the website. We are trying to make things not as compact and improve the visuals so things aren't as cramped. We've added on sale and not on sale filters which a lot of people can benefit from. We're improving mobile communication and response as well. When it comes to mobile there is a lot to figure out from the size of the screens to the operating systems etc, there are a lot of things to figure out first. Mobile responsiveness is very important to get right. Our ongoing sprints are our current upcoming challenges for the week.  This week is improving the mini game log in feature. You will need to use the marketplace to log in to the mini game, find out how in the future. We are

Monsta Basic 101

           I understand not everyone got a reading comprehension thing, most of them skip the important part and just ride the hype but this blog may really help you understand the project as I  compile here all the sources you may need to start before you decide to invest into  Monsta Infinite. If you're new here then this will serve you as beginner's guide. What is Monsta Infinite? Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean Developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000 . Read more A1. Monsta Infinite Teams CEO and biggest holder of MONI  Mr. Jin Tan , his wallet address, View Here Other members, Click here A2. About Monsta Infinite Visit the website Read the Whitepaper Read the Roadmap  Old version, New weekly updates summary,  Read Here Read the Gamep

Monsta Infinite Weekly Updates Summary

          As per Jin Tan ( Monsta Infinite CEO ) from his last AMA Session dated December 31, 2021. The website will undergo a full revamp including the full infinite verse plan and see their vision. They will have a dashboard with a guide for new users, Monsta Basic 101 , as well as an announcement board that is more engaging, and the roadmap will be set in a more agile fashion and not static. Expect it to be more of a dashboard and less of a classical roadmap by February at the latest.  For the meantime I will place here in this blog all the weekly updates until the website been revamped. Summary: 12/28/2021 - Mini Game sneak peak  image:  source: 12/31/2021 - Final AMA for 2021 source: Recap and live Q&A, view here 01/05/2022 - Marketplace V2 sneak peak image:  source: 01/10/2022 - Mini Game detailed updates Completed


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