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Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0


Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0

We will be sharing with you guys, the update from the same 2 products we have been talking previously, the Marketplace and The Mini Game.

All right, let’s talk about the Marketplace:

Completed tasks

You guys may be weird on why there is only 1 completed task: FILTERS. In words, it may not seem much; but executing it would take several stages of coding involved. Each filter, from the clone usage, pricing and type needs separate works done respectively.

Now since its finalized, it will be sent to the QA for review. Once it passed the reviews, it would then be handed over to the developer team to be implemented into the Marketplace V2 update.

Ongoing sprint

There are some familiar topics here, like the token balance and the minigame syncing features. Some of these tasks are more challenging as it seems and would need more time. The challenging part about the minigame syncing features is that it involves both the minigame and the marketplace. Not only does it need both features to sync smoothly, it would also need the tech team from both sides to work together in making sure the syncing and other features run smoothly on both sides

Completed Tasks

Marketplace filtering systems such as clone usage, class, pricing and type has been finalized and will be passed to the QA team to be reviewed.

Ongoing Sprint

  • Enhance graphics and fonts for the Marketplace and cloning pop-up section.
  • Improving token balance design on the profile page.
  • Finalizing minigame syncing features.
  • Improve details regarding the Monsta sales history on the Monsta Details page.
  • 7 bugs to be fixed and tested by the QA team such as Monsta sales history, Monsta listings in the Marketplace and buttons on the profile page.

Now let’s talk about the Mini Game

Completed Tasks:

    • 12 bugs fixed & button functionality, logical game flow, UI and resolution issues all passed QA team inspection
    • New in-game graphics & animation enhancement
    • Implementation and usage of game analytics

Ongoing Events:

  • WE’RE WAY MORE OPTIMISED NOW (13 Bugs scheduled for tweaking)
    • Game UI display and resolution optimisation
    • Processing flow between game server and client, all for that enhanced user experience
    • Tweaking all that unexpected in-game functionality
    • Anti-Cheat detection for cheating attempts. It is now running against cheating attempts. We scan through the analytics for normal human behavior and use that as a baseline reference to find uncommon gaming behaviors like faster than normal reaction or unusual placement and so much more.
    • Banning of users that cheat is also being run now. We tested several cheating methods like bots and unusual play methods to check if the banning system works and are continuing to work on that.
    • Further optimisation of game graphics, resolution and button functionality
    • Refactoring code to ensure a smooth connection for users.
    • New in-game graphics
    • Development of in-game spending system.
We are actually trying to enhance all the game features and graphics to provide a better game experience to the players. as well as we need to ensure all the devices and PCs are working smoothly from all over the country. the security issue. game server that can handle maybe over millions of people, the spending mechanism too, people are using real money, we can't have any problem with the spending system.

Salva Ukraini
Salva Ukraini

It’s time to answer the 10 questions picked by the community:

Q1. In your previous updates, you said that the internal alpha testing of the mini game is within 1,000 accounts. Considering that there are 37,000 accounts waiting for the MINI GAME, how can you assure us that there will be no server overload/maintenance upon release and that the game will run smoothly even if all the players play at the same time?

A - 37,000 sounds more like an understatement to be honest…we would definitely expect more than that. Now, with that expectation comes planning. The purpose of the original 1,000 accounts are to test the game functionalities and leaderboard fittings. While part of the developer team is busy with the 1,000 accounts, there is a separate team working on the game servers, optimizing and making sure that the games runs as smooth as possible with minimal scalability issues. In short, we are preparing for much more than 1,000 on the server side of things. Since the minigame will be released as an open Beta, you guys play a part in that too. More users that join the minigame in the future, the better we can be prepared for global scaling, not only for the minigame, but for the main game as well. It's that simple.

Q2. Are minigame and main game being developed simultaneously?

A - Yes! We have separate teams focusing on the minigame and main game separately. We have separate teams for all the products being worked on like website, marketplace, etc.

Q3. How will the mini game prize pool of 1 million USD be allocated and is that still the correct number?

A - The prize pool will be allocated according to a series of events exclusive to minigame participants. We have decided to utilize STT as it will be the main in-game currency used in both the minigame and the main game. The actual amount is still being finalized according to its current market value.

(Hint: There are even other rare prizes to be given out in these Minigame events so stay tuned!)

Q4. Back in December/21 Jin had promised a revamped website and an updated roadmap by February, but we are still waiting for new information and a reason for the delays. Could you please clarify (i) What caused the delays?; (ii) What should we investors expect now to have a better understanding of overall progress (not wait for official announcement); (iii) When can we expect it?

A - Let’s make one thing clear, the website is under development. I can personally vouch for that as I am involved in its development as well. Now, there’s a lot of factors why we couldn’t give out an updated roadmap yet. But to simplify, we’re not fortune tellers; we can’t read the future. There are a few things we need to consider when making a roadmap; 1. Market analysis 2. Current crypto trend etc. We plan on strategizing every product release to get maximum exposure and coverage.

For every new product release, especially the big ones, there will be hints here and there on what to expect. Other than that, announcements are your best bet.

As mentioned, we can’t give a specific date. But the website development will soon be included in the VC updates so stay tuned.

Q5. I’ve heard that the new “roadmap” could be in a different format, more like a progress dashboard to check project evolution. Is this true? How far are we from being able to have this information?

A - That’s not the roadmap. It’s our bulletin board to check the progress. It will be a feature available during the website revamping! It's coming to you real soon.

Q6. I understand that most of the minigame coding, system architecture and features will be leveraged for the full game mode. Can you give us an estimate of how much of the work for the full game can be leveraged from the minigame (e.g. is it 20%, 50% or more?)

A - It’s a good question but it's not as easy as it seems. The minigame is used as a base model for the Main game. It's like a small Lego car to a fully-functional car build. It's not the same but you get the rough idea on where things should go and what each part does.

Q7. Do players who join the beta test get any advantages? Can they level up their monsta first before other players who do not join the beta test?

A - Joining the beta test early is like any other game. Take Clash of Clans for example. There is much difference with players joining the game now and then, but it does help getting started early. You’ll be way ahead of others in terms of knowledge, experience or even rank. For Monstas, you don’t need them for the minigame. It’s open to everyone.

Q8. When the main game is released, will players who join the beta test have their monsta go back to level 1?

A - Well, you don’t actually need Monstas to play the minigame. You only need Monstas for the main game. So it's not connected to the leveling.

Q9. Will stealing STT or energy be possible against other players in a mini game?

A - There is a feature for that on the minigame, but I can’t reveal much. Not only because its confidential, but I haven’t been able to get many features yet as well because I’m a noob myself. You will need to unlock each feature and climb through the ranking board and win a prize! So Good Luck buddy!

Q10. Do clans have any importance in the mini game?

A - It is important and its an advantage definitely, So refer more friends to join you and gang up your team now!

Disclaimer: All explanation and answer provided by Kenny | Monsta Infinite#0258 (discord account)

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