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Monsta Infinite Gameplay and Strategy FAQ

Gameplay and Strategy FAQ

Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000.

Before you proceed, please visit FAQ V1 and FAQ V2 to understand more about Monsta Infinite.

Gameplay and Strategy FAQ

How many Monsta races are there?
3 races
9 classes from 3 nations

Cyborg Race [Titan Nation] - Advanced techniques

  • Prime - Strength, health, rejuvenation
  • Terminator - Diverse and versatile
  • Alchemist - Multitasking

Elf Race [Rhea Nation] - Magic users

  • Golem - Resilient, can take hits
  • Nightingale - Repetition is key
  • Prophet - Nature’s charm

Orcs Race [Lapetus Nation] - Endurance

  • Grognak - The best warriors
  • Juggernaut - Mobility and speed
  • Bomoh - Occultic ways
How many cards can you draw per Monsta?
Each monsta can draw 5 cards per turn

Can you target a specific enemy in Monsta Infinite?

How long does the puzzle game last?
5 seconds

How often will you play the puzzle?
Before every turn

Do Monsta all have the same stamina?

Do Monstas have mana points?

How do you upgrade monsta parts?
Using STT and Jilaka cores from Jilaka’s drop or Monsta Core from sacrificing other monstas.

When does the marketplace launch?
October 12, as per the roadmap

Inception Monsta that doesn't have a legendary part are still stronger than the normal monsta?
No. inception monsta that doesn't have a legendary part are the same with normal monstas but inception monsta are limited supply and are collectible. The value would be higher too once it's traded in the market.

Does inception monsta give an edge in competitiveness?
Inception Monsta has the possibility to get the legendary body parts, which normal monsta cannot obtain. Therefore, it may be beneficial to your battles.

Will there be cloning for monstas in the future? so we can use inception monsta for cloning?
Inception Monsta and Normal Monsta both can be used to clone a new normal monsta. But it will never clone an inception monsta.

How much possible daily earnings? Does Monsta have a rare account? like if you have a rare account you can mine more STT?
Every player will get different rewards based on their effort and team, but there are no common or rare accounts in Monsta Infinite.

Won't Synthesis Cloning make people loaded with cash get monsta too strong. like pay to win?
No, STT use increases with each cloning, so players will have to use more STT. Monsta are also all unique, so augmentation doesn’t guarantee anyone a win. Long term players may have better monstas, but our ELO will keep everyone in the rank they should be in depending on their skill level.

Can people choose which race and class when buying eggs ?
Nope. It's random.

what if your monster is augmented, is his egg also augmented ?
Nope. it won't be augmented.

If you like to augment your monsta, does it cost MONI or STT?
STT and cores.

If moni price is not constant, how will players know exactly how much money they need on marketplace day?
We will announce it before marketplace launch

Can inception monstas be sold as eggs?
No, they will turn into adults as soon as you mint them (5 days turn to adult for normal monsta)

Can normal eggs be sold?
No NFT monsta eggs cannot be sold in Monsta infinite, because the cloning process requires it to be kept in incubation until adult stage

How will inception monstas be minted?
Its limited and cannot be minted other than owners who bought during monsta barter or giveaway and contest winners. IM owners will fight for the first 4088 slots.

Will normal monsta sell out while I’m minting my inception monsta?
No, the developers will not have both events hosted at once. They will be separate events.
  • Inception hatching is on Oct. 18, 14:00 UTC+0
  • Monsta Sale of CZ and SB is on Oct. 22, 14:00 UTC+0
For those with 3 IM, how will they make all 3 on one team if they must be on separate wallet addresses?
Inception Monstas are transferable upon marketplace launch.

Monsta Egg Trading Cards

Are normal monsta transferable?
Chrono Zero (0/4 or 1/4) cloning count are transferable and Soulbond (2/4) cloning count are not transferable. Cloned normal Monsta are transferable.

How long is the cloning period?
5 days

If eggs are limited how will whales be prevented from buying them all?
There’s a purchase limit per account address, not announced yet

How will monstas be sold by players?
There is an auction and a fixed price system

How many times can a Monsta be cloned?
4 MAX, with more STT required each time

Are cloned Monsta transferable?

Will there be a QR code login for this game?
Stay tuned for more details.

Will there be a captcha on the marketplace for buying eggs?

Will peer2peer be available during marketplace launch and if not then when?
Shortly afterwards / Won't be long after marketplace launch

When will we have a body parts and attributes guide?
Please refer to our whitepaper and gameplay 

What will be sold on the marketplace when it is launched first before the game?

Chrono Zero Monsta

  • Normal Monsta but different tags
  • Tradeable
  • Transferable
  • Same stats to Normal Monsta
  • Same looks to Normal Monsta
  • Same skills to Normal Monsta
  • 0/4 and 1/4 clone counts
  • Advantage Low ID starts at 4089 and Good for cloning
  • Sold in auction similar to monsta barter but price is higher to lower
  • Clone result = Normal Monsta (NFT)
  • Price = TBA

                      SoulBond Monsta

                      • Normal Monsta but different tags 
                      • Not Tradeable
                      • Not Transferable
                      • Same looks to Normal Monsta
                      • Same stats to Normal Monsta
                      • Same skills to Normal Monsta
                      • 2/4 starting clone counts
                      • Goods for farming
                      • Cloning result = Normal
                      •  Monsta (NFT)
                      • Price = 10-15usd in MONI

                                      How will you keep the game balanced?
                                      We have separate teams focusing on different parts of the game; the game development and the economy side. There are various measures that we implemented to balance the gaming side with it’s economy counterpart that has already been elaborated on in our whitepaper from the cloning and augmentation process to balance the number of Monstas, to staking pools and other methods. Our team is constantly developing to add more features to ensure Monsta Infinite maintains its balance for the long term.

                                      How will you control the population of the monstas since we all know that there is a process called "breeding/producing" and is there by any chance where we can feed monsta's to another monsta to upgrade the attributes of our main monta's?
                                      There is a process stated in our whitepaper called augmentation, where players are required to sacrifice their Monstas for parts which will be used to upgrade their Monsta. This will naturally maintain the balance on the number of Monstas circulating in the game. This also gives way for use to add new and interesting Monstas which will also allow for low cost entries for new players.

                                      Do you have a wallet like Ronin?
                                      We are looking into creating our own sidechain wallet called Monsta wallet, which will not only be more convenient, but will also boost security factors for all users. This is still in discussion and has not been finalised yet, so stay tuned!
                                      • Monsta Wallet Registration start on Oct, 12 14:00 UTC+0
                                      Is Monsta Infinite ready for the large-scale server issues during the game launch?
                                      The development team has already taken that issue into consideration for the launch. We aim to allow the launch to be as smooth as possible.

                                      For owners of inception monsta, are we receiving them as an Egg and will have the choice to hatch it or not?
                                      The Monstas will come fully hatched and will be transferable.

                                      Will eggs be sold in packs or only in singles?
                                      Stay tuned for more announcement

                                      Will there be a gas fee for buying eggs or will it be on Monsta Wallet?
                                      Stay tuned for more announcement

                                      What kind of monstas can be gifted?
                                      That would depend on the situation of a specific sales event.

                                      What is the time difference between minting inception monstas and normal monstas?
                                      Not announced yet. inception Monstas will be available for minting as it is limited to 4088 and it will be first come first serve for lower ID mint numbers.

                                      What is the buying limit of eggs per wallet at marketplace launch? Is this limit permanent?
                                      3 Monsta per wallet, but you can create sub accounts inside Monsta Wallet to buy another 3 Monsta.
                                      note: Soulbond is not transferable.

                                      What is the timing interval between batch releases?
                                      Stay tuned for more announcement

                                      How many Monsta will be available per batch?
                                      Stay tuned for more announcement

                                      Disclaimer: Q/A done by @FS_Coelho US MOD.

                                      Monsta Egg Trading Cards

                                      If you want to be part of Monsta Infinite family, Here are the Official Links

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