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Monsta Infinite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Monsta Infinite
Fan Art by Gab Fernando

An Axie Infinity inspired play to earn crypto game, Monsta Infinite consists of gameplay like Monsta trading, breeding, PVP war and land survival.

Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean Developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) version 2.0

To see the version 1.0 of FAQ, click here

Monsta Price?

Inception Monsta pet will be the first batch of Monsta pet with limited supply of 4,088 . Inception Monsta will have low ID and has the probability to come with legendary traits , it will be price recursively from 0.2 $BNB to 1 $BNB

Normal Monsta pet will be price around 80 $MONI per pet on launching

This is not an actual auction but a first come first serve system. The price for the Inception Monsta will be 0.2$BNB for the first one, and the price will go up with each Monsta sold. The last Inception Monsta available for sale will cost 1$BNB

please refer to the inception monsta explanation and instruction.

What's the starting cost?

Inception Monsta is the first batch release and will be sold for 0.2 $BNB to 1 $BNB.

Normal Monsta will be just 80 $MONI per pet but you will need 3 to form a team to play the game so if roughly 240 $MONI per team.

What's the starting price for Inception Monsta?

Out of 4088 ,2044 will be out for auction , price starting from 0.2 $BNB , every purchase moves the price up a bit. Inception Monsta is like Origin Axie.

What's the Difference between inception and normal?

Inception Monsta pet will be the first batch of Monsta pet with limited supply of 4,088 . Inception Monsta will have low ID and has the probability to come with legendary traits, the rarest ones in the game.

What is the currency to purchase Inception Monsta and Normal Monsta?

BNB for Inception Monsta and $MONI for Normal Monsta

How many types of monsta this game have?

9 types of monsta from 3 nations

Inception & normal monsta supply?

Inception Monsta pet will be the first batch of Monsta pet with limited supply of 4,088. but normal monsta is unlimited supply as players can breed , but there is a burning mechanism to control overpopulation

Normal Monsta - You can buy as much as you want but as mentioned normal monsta supply will come in batches with limited amounts, and will be released batch by batch after the marketplace is launched.

Is this a P2E/ Play to earn game?

Once we launch the final game, it will already be P2E. That's the core vision of the project


Our game is still in development. The gameplay should be expected in Q4 2021-Q1 2022. but a teaser here. There will be mini-games launched before the official game is launched. Stay alert on our social media!

Game available in where?

It will be available on Android and IOS or even pc client ya.

Can we earn in minigames?

Nope. Minigame is just a proof of concept on how the official game looks like.

Daily Quest?

Yes it will have. We will have PVE , PVP , Open world games like crafting, and mini games.


$MONI is our governance token. imagine it like an equity/shares of Monsta Infinite.

$STT will be used in cloning, and can be used to buy cosmetics that carry no attribute.

If someone won an inception monsta, is it on their wallet already? Is that an egg or monsta with attributes already?

It’s a record in the smart contract and the owner has to redeem it on 12 OCT 2021 upon marketplace launch , the #ID of the Inception Monsta will be first come first serve on claiming. It will be an egg.

Is there a chance that normal monsta gets a higher price on the marketplace?

That depends on how the common monsta reacts in the market.

it will increase, After it is traded on the marketplace. If players value normal monsta then it will increase. But we will sell it at a cap of 80 $MONI initially.

Multiple accounts?

No multiple accounts in one device, if you play multiple accounts in one device, you’ll get banned.

Does it have a limited purchasing unit per ID?

Yeah.. only 1 inception monsta per wallet address

If i used my metamask wallet that I'm using on axie does it have a negative effect? or should i create a new wallet?

change it to BSC network will do

Who is eligible for the Beta test?

You will need at least 1 Inception Monsta to be eligible for the beta test. Either 3 inception monsta holders or 1 inception monsta + 2 normal monsta.

Who is eligible for the Alpha test?

Alpha test is only for the internal team and the 6 sets inception monsta winners.

What’s the max supply for the token?

Total supply : 270,000,000 $MONI

Monsta Infinite
Fan art by Gab Fernando

Token presale?

September 8 - Presale 1.0

This sale is for the $MONI which is the governance token of the game. The minimum required is 1BNB with a 10% discount. Max contribution is 10BNB
1BNB = 2700 $MONI

September 15 - Presale 2.0 (Sep 15 00:00 UTC+0)

Still for the $MONI token. Minimum should be 0.1 BNB and no discount. No max contribution as we are using an oversubscription method.
1BNB = 2400 $MONI
0.1BNB = 240 $MONI

Just want to clarify something. For both pre-sales, it will take place on our website right? and public sales will take place on exchange platforms?

Yes and for IDO we will be launching on different launchpads

Presale Reward?

The full details of the presale reward will be announced soon. Stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss it!

Who can avail on presale 2?

The whitelisted user and those who didn't get to buy in presale 1 can buy in presale 2.

Since there are many addresses on presale 2, how can you ensure we can get a team of monsta with 0.1BNB?

We’re unable to ensure the monsta team price to be always stay at 0.1 BNB as MONI price may appreciate and normal monsta trading in the market may appreciate as well but we do supply normal monsta regularly to the market at an affordable price and we do have a mechanism to ensure low budget players have a chance to enter the game and play to earn. The mechanism will be announced before the marketplace launch.

What advantage does presale 2.0 give if I can’t buy a team with the tokens I get?

The goal of token presale is to provide our community an opportunity to buy the token earlier and at a relatively lower price.

Why does Presale 1 whitelisting address change to 400?

The number of participants has risen from 200 to 400 as we understand that some people who will aim only for presale 2.0, might get into the first 400 addresses for presale 1.0 without wanting to participate.


After receiving the community's feedback, there are a lot of people who didn't have the chance to enter and fill in the wrong information. We have decided to reopen the whitelist on 9/9/2021 00:00 UTC +0 for only an hour. This would be the last chance to join the whitelist.

Those who submitted the wrong info or didn't register for the whitelist, We have decided to reopen the whitelist on 9/9/2021 00:00 UTC +0 for only an hour. This would be the last chance to join the whitelist.

Cutoff date?

After listening to the community's feedback, the team has decided to make Presale 2 available for just 18 hours to reduce the oversubscription rate , Presale round 2 will close on 15 Sep 1800 UTC+0 and all extra BNB will be refunded through smart contract. The team will consider closing earlier than the promised time if there are too much oversubscription rates.

Why do the devs decide to reopen whitelisting again as this is not beneficial to the early investor and it will be less token to get.

Some of the people misunderstood that the devs are able to earn more from reopening the whitelist , but that is not true at all ! The hardcap of BNB is fixed , the reason we reopen the whitelist is because there are more than 30k participants who filled in the wrong wallet addresses or got hacked , there are also many community members unable to get in as we just opened it for less than a day.

How does the referral work?

Share the link out for your friends/family and get 5% commission of BNB once they use your referral link to purchase either one of our presale.

Private Sales?

private sale is only for Strategic Partners, those will be able to provide us with help in influencer marketing, blockchain development etc.

regarding private sale please do email

*Private sale is full*

Public Sale Price?

Price for public sale depends on the market reaction. As more people buy the token, the value will gradually increase. It’s like a bonding curve, price slowly move up as people continue to buy

Public sale?

The teams have moved forward the date for public sale to Sep 16 1800 UTC+0 as we know there are lots of people who couldn't get whitelisted in presale.

Why do we have a presale vesting period?

To prevent anyone dumping the token once it's listed in exchange. The token will be released to your wallet gradually based on the whitepaper date.

If the devs decided on an oversubscription method, why not increase the hard cap or set a limit so that everyone can at least get what they expected?

Increasing the hardcap means more funds to the dev team , we wouldn’t do that as the hardcap right now provides sufficient funds for us to develop the project and increasing the hard cap means increasing the initial marketcap as well , this would drastically affect the token value appreciation potential.

We do believe the community would want to own a token that will appreciate in value over time instead of constantly depreciating as the supply and marketcap is overvalued.

Setting a limit doesn’t works as whales are able to buy the token using multiple wallet addresses or hire laborers to help them to buy it in a fraction of second


Oversubscription is that in the time that owners decide you can invest what you want. But when time finishes in case of oversale (more bnb invested than the objective that owners mark) you will only receive a percentage of your investment on tokens depending on the percentage of the oversell. The rest of your investment will be returned to you by BNB.

(Sale Target/Total BNB Gathered) x Investment = Your Allocation, excess will be refunded

Oversubcriptions Monsta Infinite


Slippage is when there is a price difference from the amount of the original item you want to buy and the actual price paid for it. Having more slippage set allows you to have a better chance of being able to pay for the price of the item as it rises.

How does it work?

You can set a percentage of slippage. If you set 100% slippage, it means you’re willing to pay up to 1 bnb for the inception monsta. If you set it lower, say 50%, that means you’re willing to pay 0.84 bnb. Please consider your budget and how many funds you have available to you when setting your slippage. Slippage does not include gas fee for your transaction.

Most Important Criteria for the Barter is this:
  • Slippage
  • Gas Fees
  • Your Budget


(Max Price - Current Price) x Slippage% + Gas Fee

Slippage is 50%

Current price of inception monsta is 0.2BNB

0.2 $BNB + ((1 $BNB - 0.2 $BNB) x 50%)

= 0.2 $BNB + (0.8 $BNB x 50%)

= 0.2 $BNB + 0.4 $BNB

= 0.6 $BNB - this is the maximum amount you are willing to pay

Slippage is 80%

Current price of inception monsta is 0.2BNB

0.2 $BNB + ((1 $BNB - 0.2 $BNB) x 80%)
= 0.2 $BNB + (0.8 $BNB x 80%)

= 0.2 $BNB + 0.64 $BNB

= 0.84 $BNB - this is the maximum amount you are willing to pay

Slippage is 100%

Current price of inception monsta is 0.2BNB

0.2 $BNB + ((1 $BNB - 0.2 $BNB) x 100%)

0.2 $BNB + (0.8 $BNB x 100%)

0.2 $BNB + 0.8 $BNB

= 1 $BNB - this is the maximum amount you are willing to pay

Maximum slippage will be 100% of the cost?

The exceeded amount will be refunded immediately to your wallet through smart contract.

If your slippage does not cover the cost of the monsta you are trying to buy you will not succeed in the purchase.

Gas Notes:

Gas is a fee charged to process your transaction on the blockchain. Paying more for gas will give your transaction a higher priority on the blockchain, and so it will be processed faster. As gas fees depend also on network congestion and user load they are subject to change frequently. Below is a link to BSC Scan’s daily average gas costs for binance smart chain network. Keep in mind that if the network has heavy traffic that day gas can be higher.

Public Sale?

Public sale is on Sep 16 18:00 UTC+0. The team is currently negotiating with multiple exchanges. we will announce it before the exact date for sure. stay tuned and you'll know.

Do I need to buy tokens from one of your partners to join IDO?

Nope! We’ll be holding our own public launch. Our partners IDO are mainly for their community and token hodlers. Please wait patiently here.

Do I need to whitelist for it?

Our IDO partners each have their own rules and terms for their rollouts so be sure to visit their official websites and social media to find out this information.

Can anyone join the public sale?

For our public exchange launch on Sep 16 18:00 UTC+0. Yes anyone can join.

If I bought it in the presale, can I buy it in public sale?

Of course mate! Public sale is for everyone.

What’s the difference between presale and public sale? It’s the same price?

While our token will launch at 1BNB = 2400 $MONI just like our presale 2.0, Price on public sale depends on the market reaction. As more people buy the token, the value will gradually increase. It’s like a bonding curve, prices slowly move up as people continue to buy.

Should I add the contract address for MONI token in my metamask for the presale?

Yes! That way on TGE on September 16 you can see your MONI tokens in your metamask or trustwallet account.

What’s the difference between IDO partners and your public sale?

IDO partners will have their own rules and regulations, their own allocation for their community. If you’re interested, you may contact them directly through their official social media and websites to get full details. you can always refer to the IDO partners channel.

Our public sale will be launched at our exchange partner’s site and is open to everyone. It doesn’t require the holding of any other tokens. This will be the easiest and safest way to get our token since it’s right from our official exchange partner. The prices of presale 2.0 and our IDO launchpads may differ as well so keep that in mind. Hope to see you on September 16 at 18:00 UTC time for our official public launch!

Monsta Infinite to the moon!
Fan art by Gab Fernando


Nope, airdrop will hurt tokenomics as airdrop has no cost. But we’ll have a presale.

Will there be a mining event for this?

There's staking in the future

What chain/ what network?

We are building a sidechain on BSC

Binance launchpad?

We have applied for Binance Launchpad if application is unsuccessful all reserve tokens will be allocated to ecosystem fund and lock


Hi, our scholarship program have not launch yet, but why be a scholar when you can be a manager with low cost 😉


We will not have KYC on games and Monsta sale but just the governance token, we will only conduct really basic KYC to comply with country regulations

AXIE Copyright?

We don't copy Axie's content, we just the concept , imagine it like LOL and Dota. We do have features similar like axie but with improved gameplay that focus more on skill rather than paytowin/strategy. Stay tuned on our website for more game info.

We will be using BSC and the tokens and monsta will be available for sale by $BNB, so please make sure you have the right crypto currency ready in your wallet for when the presale starts!

Disclaimer: Q/A done by @agnes1026 (monsta infinite core team)

If you want to be part of Monsta Infinite family, Here are the Official Links

FB GROUP for the rest of the world that speaks English:
For Official Discord:
For Official Telegram:
For Official Telegram Announcement:
For Official Monsta Inifinite PH (Tagalog) Telegram:
For Official Portuguese Telegram Group :
For Official Spanish Telegram Group :
For Official Chinese Telegram Group :
For Official Indonesian Telegram Group:


NOTE: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, click here.



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