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Monsta Infinite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Fan Art by Gab Fernando An Axie Infinity inspired play to earn crypto game, Monsta Infinite consists of gameplay like Monsta trading, breeding, PVP war and land survival. Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean Developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) version 2.0 To see the version 1.0 of FAQ, click here Monsta Price? Inception Monsta pet will be the first batch of Monsta pet with limited supply of 4,088 . Inception Monsta will have low ID and has the probability to come with legendary traits , it will be price recursively from 0.2 $BNB to 1 $BNB Normal Monsta pet will be price around 80 $MONI per pet on launching This is not an actual auction but a first come first serve system. The price for the Inception Monsta will be 0.2$BNB for the first one, and the price will go up with each Monsta sold. The last Incepti


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