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Community Insight for Monsta Infinite

Community Insight


 James YoungerAccount, [3/16/2022 5:57 PM @ Telegram] said,

Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening everyone.

As we know, minigame delay has caused doubts. Is this normal? Yes, very normal. But hey hey hey, you guys forget the important thing here. MI is not just about game. Yes, game is a very important part but please guys, look at the big picture, MI is an ecosystem which game just part of it.

Things that make me sad is not the delay, but the community easily influenced by fudders who in fact don’t understand what they’re talking about. But few might say “Man, I don’t trust admins, mods and devs. They will only say good things. What should I do?” The answer is easy RESEARCH RESEARCH and RESEARCH. Remember research is important in any type of investment, especially in wild crypto space.

Here the things I think you should pay attention to:

1. The Project

MI has Marketplace, Launchpad, Own chain, Incubation program. And more to come. How? Based on my judgement, MI dev is very adaptive. We have seen MI transformed into Infiniteverse project during Metaverse hype with delays as consequences. I don’t know about you guys, but I never heard any other project has this Marketplace, Launchpad, Own chain and Incubation in one ecosystem. MI has this in hand and plus more to come :)

2. Dev Character

As in friendship, business or investment, we want to be connected with a person who has good character. The thing I can analyze from MI dev is they’re not greedy. Seriously? Yes, I’m damn serious. How? During NFT/egg sales, we have to buy using STT. Where all these STT go to? Dev pocket? NO!!!! STT used to buyback MONI and send to treasury pool for future staking reward. We have seen so many other P2E projects sell NFTS in BNB either ETH. Where the money goes to? DEV POCKET, YES!!!!! Are you serious? How Can I miss this? Now you know!!!. If you didn’t notice, its the same during LOA IDO on MI Launchpad. The STT used to buyback MONI :) 

3. FUD busters:

  • This is scam project. Guys, Dev could easily run with $28 million presale money. Its fresh from Oven.
  • Its rugpull. Please, someone tell me how to rugpull if liquidity is locked
  • Its a slow rug. Do those shxtheads telling this even know how this work and what it means? These only possible if dev has hidden wallets. I remember just few days after launch, there were many people questioning some wallets for which purpose and all has been answered. To make it easier, MI has so many VCs as backers, don’t you think they have better resources to research than any of us?
  • The price drop because of Dev, Oh, come on you Ixxots. Look at above and I will give you an example as bonus. Shxba has almost $50B and down almost 75% to $12B. Do you know how much liquidity removed for this? That’s the market power. Its $30B Marketcap drop!!! Even this big coin can suffer this drop, of course its easy for market to effect MONI which is relatively new project with much less liquidity.
  • I don’t care, MI is a scam. WTH? IF they want to scam, just delete all social networks and poof gone. Why they have to bother entertaining you with updates and live session?
    • Why people spread FUD? Before doing so, they FUD themselves with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. They spread Fud just to justify that they’re right. Pathetic? Yes, of course. Its different from professional fudders who got paid. :D
    • A Mature investor never spread unnecessary Fud because they understand very well that dumbest of all dumbest investors are the one who fudding their own bags. They will just sell and leave, find another. No point wasting time for fudding.

4. Delay:

Well, to be honest no one like any delay in anything. Please answer this honestly, do you prefer a game launched in rush and then die less than one month? You might get lucky if you can make your investment back before your NFTs just lying dead on your wallet.

I have seen so many people chasing minigame like it’s the most important thing in this project. Answer this, could you guarantee price will pump to the moon when minigame released? Remember this is a long term project, price might increase steadily when everything in place. But of course, no one can guarantee you this!!! Its Crypto!!!

What I want to highlight here is, please do your research before making any decision with your investment. Be a smart investor. DO NOT listen to fudders or even the worse, becoming a fudder because you listen to fudders. You’re smarter than that. You can use the information to do your own research before deciding anything.

Should you trust me? Hell no!!! The point here is to trust yourself, do your own research, the answer lies in front of your eyes, you just need to do a little digging. Be a smart investor and GOOD LUCK!!!

Disclaimer: all input above said by James YoungerAccount (TG ID: @NotAScammer2)

find him @

Project link:

proof of his post:

said by James YoungerAccountsaid by James YoungerAccountsaid by James YoungerAccount


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