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Monsta Assembly Recap #1

Monsta Assembly

The team is working tirelessly and this way we can bring you the latest updates fresh from the team. Today we will be covering the marketplace and mini game updates.

Lets start with the marketplace.

In our development stages we have to digitalize all the items we have made to properly be put on the website. We are trying to make things not as compact and improve the visuals so things aren't as cramped. We've added on sale and not on sale filters which a lot of people can benefit from. We're improving mobile communication and response as well. When it comes to mobile there is a lot to figure out from the size of the screens to the operating systems etc, there are a lot of things to figure out first. Mobile responsiveness is very important to get right.

Our ongoing sprints are our current upcoming challenges for the week. 

This week is improving the mini game log in feature. You will need to use the marketplace to log in to the mini game, find out how in the future. We are finalizing the search filters and the mini game prototyping for marketplace. We plan on synchronizing all of these features so your rewards and log ins can be smooth and work well together. We are in the development stages so user experience and functionality is crucial. It can make or break the website whether everyone can use it or no one can use it at all.

Mini Game

Lets move on to the Mini Game.

The key to game fi is not only spending usage but also earning. Anything that we find thats beneficial from mini game will make it to the main game. But we need to make sure it can all work together. The spending and claiming of rewards need to all work smoothly so they must be developed simultaneously. As you all know Mini game is currently in internal alpha and we are sorry its not open to the public yet but we do let all the internal team test it on their different devices and have them help us as QA testers. They let us know what can be enhanced and improved in this early stage. We will post a report soon as well. There are several components already that we must enhance to make the game smoother and less buggy.

Now the fun begins!  

In order to make the game more challenging and exciting we've added more game cards to add variation and make things harder and more competitive for all the users in the game. We are making the game even more robot. The thing about the mini game is its not just a mini game, it is one of our products of Monsta Infinite. Its not just a small game that you throw aside once main game launches. We want it to be more robust and long lasting so we can use it during events and for special side games. If you guys play games like mobile legends or pubg they have mini games on the side to earn rewards and we plan to have mini game like that within the main game. So yeah we will be randomizing the cards better. No matter what app is being made there are always bugs. We've fixed quite a few. It may not sound like a lot but it is a lot for tech and game team. Shout out to them for fixing these bugs and working so hard on the game. Special thanks to them. 

Soon enough you guys will know the official name of the mini game so stay tuned! Just a quick note to you guys even though the mini game and main game will be out we will still make continuous fixes to make the games more robust. We can use the mini game as a financial model to help us with the main game economy. If you take the basics we can get data as to how many people are playing, how long they are playing etc. 

All this key data will be used for the model for the main game itself. What we've got from the internal team for this weeks ongoing sprint is to locate and fix the bugs based on what we've found so far on the internal test. We need to continue to develop the game server to ensure a smooth connection for the user. If you've played any high traffic games you know how hard it can be to connect to the server and we want to avoid that. We also need to address the error log that exists server side and client side. 

The next thing is a bit more heavy on the QA team as we will need to revise the code to fix any errors we're encountering. Right now we are focusing also on player banning mechanisms for our anti cheat system. So yeah, thats our mini game update for these two weeks. We are working on finishing up the mini game and it will be done asap but we wont be ruining the surprise. We are still focusing on stuff like the website and there is a whole team working on that
and a whole lot more.

Game Teaser
Game teaser (fan art)

Lets open chat to live Q&A questions

Question 1: Is it true that only IM holders can play the beta test for the game? Can we include those who also have SB from day one?

A: Definitely we promised before that inception monsta holders have a special benefit but we are still working on this. I think that the inception monsta holders will have a special benefit that youll have to stay tuned for. For SB we will work on that and think on it and know more about in the coming days.

Question 2: What is the relevance of mini game to the actual game?

A: I may not have made myself clear just now, but if you want to build something big you dont just jump right into it. You build models and go step by step. We have the same concept here. We need a base model and a foundation towards building the actual game. In order to have the data to implement into the main game and find solutions to bugs its important to have this foundation. It wont be as heavy as the main game but it is a base to work off of. Its like math. If you have a base number you can work on the multiplication from there.

Question 3: Is year 2022 going to be the year of Monsta Infinite and why?

A: I'm certain it will be from my side. Those that have been here know that CEO Jin has pledged his own BNB to the project and itll be distributed if we don't reach the top 200 marketcap. Since 2022 we are pushing everything out, mini game main game website revamp and marketplace revamp. Don't forget the launchpad and so much more. It will be our year.

Questions 4: Why aren't you showing video of you testing the game and just picture?

A: It is a good idea to show the internal team but one thing that we have to consider is that not everyone is okay on showing their faces and it can be an invasion of privacy. Also if we give out pics and videos constantly all the excitement goes away, its no longer robust and it can no longer be used as a good model for the mini game.

Question 5: When will you guys release the new roadmap?

A: The presence of a roadmap leads to a rushed product and a rushed product is never good.
It will depend on the team as well if we discuss this. We do keep your questions in mind
and consider them.

Question 6: How to recover the Moni price?

A: By releasing quality and sustainable products that last. As we can see the price of moni is not that high right now but once mini game comes out and main game comes out you all know how much it will boost. For others this is an opportunity for others to get in early.

Question 7: When open beta test?

A: We will update you soon, maybe in the next update but this is not certain.

Question 8: Who is leading the charge on internal alpha?

A: The game and tech team. They designed it and they know the way. I only play games casually so I doubt i will reach the leaderboard anytime soon on the mini game.

Question 9: How do you know Monsta Infinite is not a scam?

A: Well the answer is simple, if you were being scammed it would happen already. We collected a lot of bnb during our presales and we returned it all. The devs could have run away when moni was 5 dollars and just rug pull. Speaking of the project as a scam makes no sense. You can also check scam websites and see how they operate. We don't operate that way. They are fast and intelligent and it just happens quickly. It would make no sense for the team to develop all the things that we have if it was a scam. There's already a lot of evidence that this project is legit. 

"You cannot be a crypto millionaire overnight, you are investing in your future."

Question 10: For new cards are we talking about new monsta cards?

A: They are power up cards for you to use. Theses cards are there to benefit you in terms of playing. You can earn more, you can steal from people possibly. These cards have special usage when you're gaming. These cards are not monsta cards but for you own gameplay to make it more competitive or improve your standing.
Question 11: Can we confirm if mini game will be out by end of April/Q1?

A: Maybe, maybe not. Its not up to me I don't have control over when the mini game can launch or the authority to know that. In terms of completion percentage it is mostly done which is why we are in alpha. Right now we just have improvements to do and bug fixing and finding out how to make it more interesting. We do hope in can be in Q1 so we can focus on the rest of our projects. Q1 looks probable
more than possible. The mini game will be released as open beta so users can help us out.

Question 12:
Do we have any information on the website revamp?

A: Right now the priority is on the marketplace and mini game. Developing those are the key but that doesn't mean the website is not being worked on. A separate team is working on the wireframe and we can start making updates on that as well.

Disclaimer: All explanation and answer provided by Kenny | Monsta Infinite#0258 (discord account)

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