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Monsta Basic 101


Monsta Basic 101

        I understand not everyone got a reading comprehension thing, most of them skip the important part and just ride the hype but this blog may really help you understand the project as I compile here all the sources you may need to start before you decide to invest into Monsta Infinite. If you're new here then this will serve you as beginner's guide.

What is Monsta Infinite?

Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean Developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000 . Read more

A1. Monsta Infinite Teams

A2. About Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite Teaser accurate version
more accurate version of the teaser (fan art)

B. Binance and Metamask Wallet

  • Create a Binance Account, Register here
  • Create a Metamask Wallet, Register here
  • Add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask, Read here
  • Buy BNB or USDT in Binance - Do your own research (Google or Youtube)
  • Transfer BNB or USDT from Binance to Metamask - Do your own research (Google or Youtube)

C. MONI, STT, Monsta Wallet and Monsta Chain

  • Add the MONI token in your Metamask
    • MONI CA: 0x9573c88aE3e37508f87649f87c4dd5373C9F31e0 
  • Bridge MONI in to Monsta Chain 
  • How to Bridge MONI back to BSC? 
    • Visit
    • Connect your Monsta Wallet 
    • Select the amount of xMONI that you wish to bridge back to BSC 
    • Fill in your BEP-20 wallet address 
    • Click unlocked 6. Confirm the unlocked on the Monsta Wallet 
    • Click transfer 
    • Confirm the transfer on Monsta Wallet 
    • Click CLAIM on the top of the navigation bar 
    • Click CLAIM in the history 
    • Your transaction have executed and it may take up to 8 hours to be complete 
    • Disconnect your Monsta Wallet and connect with your Metamask Wallet 
    • Click CLAIM on the top of the navigation bar 
    • Click CLAIM in the history
  • Add the STT token in your Metamask
    • STT CA: 0x9Ee75952E3408ed7005225855aA1835D6d0023CA 
  • Where to check Moni price chart?

D. Monsta Class, Attributes and Cloning

  • Monsta class and race - The difference of class and race affects the basic value of each attribute. The Monstas are segregated into 3 classes:
    • Power type: 
      • Prime
      • Golem
      • Grognak
    • Agility type: 
      • Terminator
      • Nightingale
      • Juggernaut
    • Intelligence type
      • Alchemist
      • Prophet
      • Bomoh
  • Attributes - Monsta Attributes are composed of 3 stats and 12 sub-stats. The maximum value across all three stats is 80 points. If one of the stats has a higher value, the sub-stats that correspond will also be higher. For example, with a higher strength (STR) stat, the corresponding physical attack stat (ATK) will also be higher. See the related stats below:
    • AGI — ATK %, DEF, SP, SP REGEN
    • INT — PWR, MP, MP REGEN, RES, Initiation Speed
  • The 12 sub-stats include:
    • ATK (Physical Attack) — Damage rate of physical attacks
    • HP (Health Points) — Health points of the Monsta
    • HP REGEN (Health Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of health points based on card
    • ATK % (Attack Percentage) — Increases the attack percentage to every physical attack
    • DEF (Physical Defense) — Resistance rate against physically damaging attacks
    • SP (Stamina Points) — Required as cost for any physical attack
    • SP REGEN (Stamina Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of stamina based on card
    • PWR (Elemental Power) — Damage rate of elemental attacks
    • MP (Mana Points) — Required as cost for any elemental attack
    • MP REGEN (Mana Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of mana points based on card
    • Initiation Speed — Determines the attacking order in battles.
  • How to buy Chrono Zero or Soulbond? 
  • How to clone Monsta? 
    • Medium, Read Here 
    • Fees per clone per Parent
      • 1st clone - 988 STT
      • 2nd clone - 1988 STT
      • 3rd clone - 5988 STT
      • 4th clone - 11988 STT
  • How to trade and transfer Monsta 

E. Monsta Cards

  Watch this video to check all the normal Monsta cards

  • Skill Cards - Since each body part corresponds to a skill card, and each Monsta has six body parts, a Monsta can have six skill cards total. Body parts can be levelled up using our augmentation process, which optimizes the related skill card, typically by changing the numerical values of the card. On a card, the upper left-hand corner shows the card type and the upper right is the card name. The picture is a description of the specific role of the card. In the lower-left corner is the endurance value that needs to be consumed and in the lower right corner is the Mana value that needs to be consumed. Skill cars are divided into three primary categories: Tactics cards, Buff and Debuff cards and Attack cards.
    • Tactics Cards - A tactics card, represented by a blue logo, will not directly or indirectly cause damage to the enemy but will bring more advantages and opportunities to the player. For example, changing the cards in hand, resurrecting a sacrificed Monsta, increasing mana, etc.
    • Buff or Debuff Cards - The cards with the downward arrow on the yellow background mainly debuff the enemy, such as restricting the enemy’s mana consumption, petrifying the opponent, etc. Cards with an upward arrow on a green background mainly apply the buffs to yourself. For example, causing multiple rounds of continuous damage, increasing the next round’s health regeneration, etc.
    • Attack Cards - Cards with a purple logo are attack cards with an added buff that affects your own team. This can include restoring stamina, attacking, ignoring blocks, etc. Cards with a brown logo are attack cards that also inflicts a debuff onto the enemy, such as causing continuous damage, movement restriction, ability reduction, etc. Cards with the red logo are normal attacks that don’t give any buffs or debuffs.

F. Monsta Family

FB GROUP for the rest of the world that speaks English:
For Official Discord:
For Official Telegram:
For Official Telegram Announcement:
For Official Monsta Inifinite PH (Tagalog) Telegram:
For Official Portuguese Telegram Group : 
For Official Spanish Telegram Group : 
For Official Chinese Telegram Group : 
For Official Indonesian Telegram Group: 

G. Monsta Scholarship

  • Scholarship (qr-code) features not implemented yet in Monsta Infinite but Monsta University, owned by Gab Fernando (1st PH Mods) start to look for more scholars and sub-managers to join his group. His aiming to have a community where scholars and managers can communicate and do business following one rule and salary rates.
Monsta University
click the image to join, or scan QR code.


NOTE: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, click here.

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