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Monsta Updates

Monsta Infinite heard you about Monsta Assembly (live session) so they decided stop the live session until further notice. In-line with this changes Monsta Infinite return to normal weekly updates. If you missed the old updates check from here. Monsta Infinite Final AMA 2021: AMA Recap and Live Q&A Monsta Infinite Weekly Updates Summary Monsta Assembly Recap #1 Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0 3rd Monsta Assembly Recap Mid April Updates: Marketplace Updates Completed task for the week: A Deck of Cards - Monsta cards updated on the Monsta details page. Bug Infestation - 2 bugs fixed for the sorting function in the Marketplace and skills cards arrangement. The Future of the Internet - Monsta selling process web 3.0 integration completed and in review by QA. Upcoming sprint for the week: Integration of Web 3.0 into buying, cloning and transferring Monsta process. Graphic improvements and button fixes Website Updates Completed task for the week: Thing are getting cleaner - Website content dr

3rd Monsta Assembly Recap

  1st update: Website First update for website revamping, we are still in the ideation stage, the current ideas, flows and wireframe are in form of drafts and will be reviewed and amended until satisfactory. We consider a few perspective; current market trend, UI/UX, and more. There are a few stages; Ideation stage - Ideation stage - Wireframe - Mock up - Prototype - First stage development - Second stage development - Third stage development Since we are running things parallel, both the ideation stage and wireframe are being developed simultaneously. We also plan to release the features on a gradual manner, meaning certain features would be available to the current website, depending on the discretion of our WordPress developer of course. 2nd Update: Marketplace We have the usual suspects, bug fixes and UI/UX improvements. We managed to complete the tasks from the last update and some more. This includes the Minigame login feature. That’s a hint guys, you’re going to need to access t

Monsta Assembly Recap 2.0

  We will be sharing with you guys, the update from the same 2 products we have been talking previously, the Marketplace and The Mini Game. All right, let’s talk about the Marketplace: Completed tasks You guys may be weird on why there is only 1 completed task: FILTERS. In words, it may not seem much; but executing it would take several stages of coding involved. Each filter, from the clone usage, pricing and type needs separate works done respectively. Now since its finalized, it will be sent to the QA for review. Once it passed the reviews, it would then be handed over to the developer team to be implemented into the Marketplace V2 update. Ongoing sprint There are some familiar topics here, like the token balance and the minigame syncing features. Some of these tasks are more challenging as it seems and would need more time. The challenging part about the minigame syncing features is that it involves both the minigame and the marketplace. Not only does it need both features to sync s

Monsta Assembly Recap #1

  The team is working tirelessly and this way we can bring you the latest updates fresh from the team. Today we will be covering the marketplace and mini game updates. Lets start with the marketplace. In our development stages we have to digitalize all the items we have made to properly be put on the website. We are trying to make things not as compact and improve the visuals so things aren't as cramped. We've added on sale and not on sale filters which a lot of people can benefit from. We're improving mobile communication and response as well. When it comes to mobile there is a lot to figure out from the size of the screens to the operating systems etc, there are a lot of things to figure out first. Mobile responsiveness is very important to get right. Our ongoing sprints are our current upcoming challenges for the week.  This week is improving the mini game log in feature. You will need to use the marketplace to log in to the mini game, find out how in the future. We are


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