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3rd Monsta Assembly Recap


Monsta Assembly

1st update: Website

  • First update for website revamping, we are still in the ideation stage, the current ideas, flows and wireframe are in form of drafts and will be reviewed and amended until satisfactory.
  • We consider a few perspective; current market trend, UI/UX, and more.
  • There are a few stages; Ideation stage - Ideation stage - Wireframe - Mock up - Prototype - First stage development - Second stage development - Third stage development
  • Since we are running things parallel, both the ideation stage and wireframe are being developed simultaneously.
  • We also plan to release the features on a gradual manner, meaning certain features would be available to the current website, depending on the discretion of our WordPress developer of course.

2nd Update: Marketplace

  • We have the usual suspects, bug fixes and UI/UX improvements. We managed to complete the tasks from the last update and some more. This includes the Minigame login feature. That’s a hint guys, you’re going to need to access the Marketplace to log in to the Minigame. There are more Minigame syncing features coming in the future so make sure you read between the lines.
  • Another interesting task that was completed was the implementation of new Monsta selling, cloning and transfer UI. You would find out later on that this is to accommodate Web3 integration into the Marketplace itself. Sam and I discussed about Web3 before and how it would be the next big thing in the crypto industry. Web3 is of the utmost importance and personally, I think it is a great feature and would definitely be beneficial in the near future.

3rd Update: Minigame

  • Like the previous update, the minigame is improved based on feedbacks attained from the closed Alpha testing. We have also began preparing for the increasing number of accounts currently and to accommodate the mass entry of users in the future. 
  • Introduced referral system in game. That’s another hint on what will be available on the minigame itself. Another reason to read between the lines.

Exclusive News

There are 3 news briefs exclusive to this VC

  1. Sneak peek for the helpdesk. We know that there are some of you that have questions or queries that are troublesome to find its answer. We also want to be prepared to accommodate new players and/or investors interested to join us but riddled with questions. So we're making sure that we got that area covered; not only by our mods but a seperate system ready to help you 24/7
  2. Monsta Wallet Extension V2 Update future release. We're also releasing a huge update for the Monsta Wallet Extension soon. There are a few reasons why the new update is needed. Including the open source licence. We have to update the Monsta Wallet as Metamask is no longer a free licence.
    • Cleaner and better UI that fits our theme.
    • Supports multisig, which will come handy in the future.
Monsta Wallet V2
New wallet sneak peak 

3.    Monsta Wallet Mobile Version. We have a seperate team developing the Mobile version Monsta Wallet. This is crucial as we know most crypto users these days prefer to have their assets visible on their phones as well; its just convenient. Not only that, having these utilities available on mobile just makes mass crypto adoption not only possible, but grow exponentially as well.

Geek Me Art
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Community Questions & Answers

Q1: Without the use of Monstas in mini game, it will create no demand for moni or stt. Not to mention, the mini game prize is 1 million usd worth of stt. How are you going to prevent the huge dump in stt price this will cause? -from User “MoreAxe”.
A:  Just because there is no Monstas, doesn’t mean that there will be no demand for MONI or STT. There are spending mechanisms included in the minigame itself. What you spend on, I can’t disclose. But there are spending mechanisms, and events that will definitely increase the trading volume of MONI and STT  in the market. Take STT spending for example; we all know that one way of getting STT is by swapping it with MONI on the Juggyswap itself. There itself creates a demand for both MONI and STT.

 Q2: Did you think of putting together a progress board of everything that investors or players have been waiting for? -from User “SiSoy Fuego”
 A: Yes! Like we mentioned during the previous Assembly as well as during the ideation drafting of the website, we were adamant that we include a progress board onto the new website for all users to see the progress of every product, from the Monsta Wallet all the way to the Main game.

Q3: Will the tokenomics of Monsta be revised? - from User “Carbon”
A: It won’t. Part of being versatile and robust is being able to constantly adapt in order to better thrive in the current industry. That was kept in mind when formulating the tokenomics. With the tokenomics as well as the utilities of the tokens and the Monstas, there wouldn’t be such a need to review the tokenomics, much more amend it.

Q4: What is Monsta going to do differently than Axie is not currently doing or they don't have it in their roadmap? - from User “Zamant”
A: Well, one thing to make clear is that we are running things in a parallel motion, not sure if they do that as well. The one and very obvious difference between us is that we are looking to be more than just a game. We intend on developing an entire ecosystem within the crypto space that will have a complete blockchain infrastructure to accommodate not only new users, but innovative projects looking to thrive in the crypto space. In Layman’s terms, we’re building the future of blockchain gaming. That begins with a foundation. From our Monsta Chain to our very own launchpad. Needless to say, there is no comparison.

Q5: Can MONI be added to the cloning requirement because people are asking to add it to cloning requirement to have additional use case. - from User “KuradoMibu”
A: The reason why we did not add MONI to any in-game or Marketplace transactions is that the value of MONI can be volatile. The value of cloning, buying and selling of the Monstas would often change and affect alot of users negatively. Using a separate, in-game and Marketplace transaction-focused token like the STT voids that, allowing all transactions to be within a conducive stable value range. 

Q6: What is the answer on the fill in the blanks that posted weeks ago about minigame? - from User “KuradoMibu”
A: That is for all of our community members to figure out. Its the official name for the Minigame so guess your way! 

Q7: How would you make sure to the people that the project would be able to strive further in the future without compromising the gameplay itself? Like how would you balance between those who are hardcore gamers that are willing to grind for money and casual gamers who just wants to earn money easily? - from User “NGreed”
A: Honestly, if I would be to answer this question in detail, we’ll be stuck here for awhile. How any sustainable projects thrive would be to make sure that their actions work louder than their words. How we will make sure of this is by making sure that all products released by us, be it our revamped website to the Main game are high quality and well-rounded to suit various demographics all around the world.
This topic was already considered way back, even before the Marketplace release. For those that has been here for quite awhile and read our Medium articles, you would know that there are ranks in our PvP, the Dozo, that will segregate users according to their levels. This was implemented to make sure that both sides of the player spectrum are considered. 

Sponsor: Koreanatics

Q8: Wouldn't it be fairer to everyone if there was a weekly poll with the top 10 most frequent or voted questions and answered with every update? - from User “Jszt”
A: Alright. This will be noted and improved on for the next update. But we also have to take into account the repeated questions. I mean, you can’t expect us to answer the same question again and again. You would be bored yourself! Ill do my best to answer the questions so make sure you submit them.

Q9: How can you launch the Game this Year? - from user “Tahiti”
A: That sounds a tad bit rhetorical to be honest. 2 words, work and growth. We are now running things in a parallel motion, with separate teams handling and developing separate products while still correlating with each other to make sure all product sync well with each other. But in order for this method to be a success, growth is crucial. We are rapidly expanding to accommodate for the number of teams needed to develop the products. If these 2 works well, the goal of launching the game this year is as bright as day.

Q10: They promised that the website would come out in February, we are about to finish March and we don't have any important news or an answer as to why it hasn't been updated yet? - from user “SiSoy Fuego”
 A: Well I think the website update should justify the question. It is still in development. But certain features will be released to the public stage by stage.

Disclaimer: All explanation and answer provided by Kenny | Monsta Infinite#0258 (discord account)

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