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Monsta TapWar FAQ


Monsta TapWar
Monsta TapWar

TapWar Questions and Answer:

What is TapWar?

TapWar is the Play2earn mini-game of Monsta Infinite and it's one of the main features in the upcoming main game.

How to Play:

Download the game to your preferred device, log in with QR code (copy to clipboard is easiest), and begin tapping! You get 1 move to make the highest combos that you can. Try different strategies and methods to move around the board and unlock the secrets of Tapwar.

Download here:

Where’s a guide or tutorial:

Check out the Helpdesk guide here and be sure to check out the in-game tutorials!

How can we earn in Tapwar?

Be part of the leaderboard, and won Fortune Crates!

When can we start earning?

Now!, Play TapWar and be part of our top 500 on the leaderboard!

Why is xSTT in my wallet but not in my TapWar game?

You need to Authorize the wallet first and sign it, then set a spending allowance for your xSTT to spend it in game.
Check it here:

Stay tuned as our Tapshop expands in the future!

How will the team be able to have a 1 miilion USD prize pool? 

The liquidity on Pancakeswap for STT is so low!

The liquidity shown in PancakeSwap is not the last, since the supply is unlimited and there are lots of surprises coming.

Is the 1 million USD prize pool just for Tapwar or is it for the main game and other future non-TapWar related events?

No, the 1 million USD prize pool is just for TapWar events

What about future TapWar events? Will it be that same pool or a new allocation?

No info on this yet. Currently, the 1 million prize pool is applicable for these events both ongoing and upcoming in TapWar.

Why do I get a different amount of shields than my friend when we both purchase them in the Tapwar shop?

The amount of shielding you can purchase is dependent on the number of souls you currently have.

So all the fortune crates will have 100,000 STT inside?

Nope! Fortune Crates can contain many different types of riches and treasures. It could be anything! You’ll have to open the crate to see and we’ll have more info on their potential value soon. It's like gotcha mechanics or surprise egg!

How can you give away so many fortune crates?

The economy of the game is still carefully considered. Tuning and balancing happen behind the scenes to ensure everything remains balanced between fun and value. Remember that the PancakeSwap liquidity pool for stt won't be the last and that we’ve got many surprises in the works.

Where can I stake my tokens?

Right now (Sept 2022) we have a MONI-BNB pair on PancakeSwap. Stake MONI and BNB to earn CAKE, and then stake CAKE to earn MONI. For our internal MONI staking program wait for the official announcement.

Answer Source: @FS_Coelho (Monsta head moderator)

If you want to be part of Monsta Infinite family, Here are the Official Links

FB GROUP for the rest of the world that speaks English:
For Official Discord:
For Official Telegram:
For Official Telegram Announcement:
For Official Monsta Inifinite PH (Tagalog) Telegram:
For Official Portuguese Telegram Group : 
For Official Spanish Telegram Group : 
For Official Chinese Telegram Group : 
For Official Indonesian Telegram Group: 

Monsta University
click the image to join, or scan QR code.


NOTE: Admin/Moderators of your PH Telegram, PH Discord and PH FB Groups, are just PH moderators for Monsta Infinite aren’t part of their Official Team, we’re also investor/crypto fans just like you, hoping Monsta Infite reach their Goals and be the next AXIE. So before you decide to invest in Monsta Infinite here are the reminders you need to consider first, click here.



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