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Monsta Infinite Final AMA 2021: AMA Recap and Live Q&A


Final AMA of 2021

AMA Recap for 12/31

  • Future governance and community involvement in artwork and game direction as well as community made tools and apps
  • Monsta as a DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, stay tuned for more on this and possible voting for stakers
  • Patience a key theme
  • Staking will launch in 2022
  • We will open source some of our defi such as marketplace and will make our API public
  • Focused on the quality of the project and the quality of our products
  • Collaborations and partnerships in the future, not all crypto based. Going after conventional gamers not just NFT gamers.
  • Reaching the top 200 marketcap goal with the communities help and recruiting new talent
  • Balancing gameplay and eco system
  • Must consider man power and time consumption in adding or removing new features. Must think from many perspectives when developing a game
  • Be a crypto value investor. They are the most rewarded in the space. It’s not about trading, it’s about value.
  • Crypto as a revolution that will change the world
  • Gamefi is the future
  • Monsta remains committed to its goal of becoming the number 1 NFT game in the space
  • Recruit community help in testing
  • Increase token holders to 200,000
  • Expand to more continents and countries like the USA and Europe
  • Monsta Chain will rebrand as a public blockchain suited to gaming and gamefi similar to Gala and Immutable X
  • Aiming for one project per month on our launchpad
  • You will be able to stake MONI and earn tokens for our launchpad projects
  • Koi capital as a large investor who will own land in the Sandbox and work with us in the future
  • 2022 is a whole new year, expect restructuring, more planning, more surprises and faster progress. Lots of great partnerships upcoming!
Monsta Infinite 2022

Live Q&A Session

Q: When will you publish the new timetable or roadmap?
A: the website will undergo a full revamp including the full infinite verse plan and see our vision. We will have a dashboard with a guide for new users, Monsta 101, as well as an announcement board that is more engaging, and the roadmap will be set in a more agile fashion and not static. Expect it to be more of a dashboard and less of a classical roadmap. By February at the latest.

Q: The most concerning element of your letter was the rebuild statement. Why is there a need to rebuild the project from the very core, and why now and not earlier?
A: it’s unpredictable, the gamefi space in general is. Experimentation is a big part of it. We try ideas and then we may see that it doesn’t work. After seeing that it’s wrong, do we stick with the timeline doing the wrong thing or do we choose to do the right thing?

Q: What will be the purpose of MONI token now?
A: What is MONI? What is equity? What is valuation? It’s a long answer. To make it simple, it’s about value. All the things that we do will help increase the value of MONI. It’s all about people’s perception of what the value should be. MONI token is represented by our community, and the status of our product and project. Let’s say our launchpad projects are doing well, and one launches right into the top 200 marketcap. With exclusive launches, and MONI staking to join these launches, that leads to less selling pressure for MONI and a higher value to it. You’ll use STT to purchase the launchpad tokens, which will go back to the STT MONI lp and continue to increase moni’s value. In the future, MONI could possibly be the native token that powers the Monsta Chain. MONI relates to everything outside of the game.

Where to buy MONI?

Q: is clash of isles in any way affiliated with Monsta infinite?
A: not really

Q: I just want to ask, how can you handle the drastic amount of players coming into the game? How can we handle large amounts of traffic in the future?
A: We actually successfully handled the traffic already for previous launches. It’s not just traffic, but also web attacks. We’ve made a lot of investments in security to block off dangerous parties. We’ve also done lots of back up investments to support the underlying system. We won’t say nothing bad will ever happen, but we are quite well prepared with the architecture from the start.
*note: One of the reasons mini game is so important is helping us see this traffic and handle it for the full game launch. We will try to get as many players as possible to learn from it.

Q: You talk about DAO, is it part of the Monsta infinite future plans? And if it is, how do you plan to integrate DAO into the infinite verse?
A: DAO is more of an abstract concept than most people think. There’s no central entity, anyone within the organization can contribute. Those who stake tokens can have voting power in the future on proposals. DAO is more of an ideology than anything. You give something to get something.

Disclaimer: notes done by @FS_Coelho (US MOD)

Monsta infinite top 200

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