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DC Comics Superman



Action Figure: Superman Statue by Prime 1 Studio


" Well I believe in truth... but I'm also a big fan of Justice.”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Superman from Justice League (Film). This Superman Statue features actor, Henry Cavill, as the Man of Steel. Shortly after the formation of the Justice League, and their failed battle against Steppenwolf, Batman came to the conclusion that they needed Superman if they truly wished to save the Earth. Superman stops Steppenwolf when he was nearly about to kill the Justice League and was offered the role of leadership by Batman to lead the new mighty team of Earths protectors.

Brand: DC Comics
Manufacturer: Prime 1 Studio
Type: Statue


The Superman Statue features:
Size approximately 33.1 inches tall
One (1) alternate portrait
One (1) Human's Mother Box


Product Size: Height: 33.11" (840.99 mm) | Width: 16.81" (426.97 mm) | Depth: 13.22" (335.79 mm)
Box Size: Height: 16.00" (406.4 mm) | Width: 30.00" (762 mm) | Depth: 32.00" (812.8 mm)
Dimensional Weight: 67.00 lbs (30.39 kg) [Intl. 93.00 lbs (42.18 kg)

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Action Figure: Superman Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


“Welcome to Earth, Brainiac.”

Look, up in the sky! Sideshow is proud to present the Superman Premium Format Figure.

Measuring 26” tall, Superman touches down from flight onto a base themed after Brainiac’s skull ship. Mechanical tendrils reach up towards the Man of Steel as he prepares to bring justice to the twelfth-level intellect.

The polystone Superman Premium Format Figure has a sculpted blue costume with textured elements and red and yellow accents, including his belt and the symbol of the House of El emblazoned across his chest. Superman has a muscular physique and a detailed portrait inspired by his comic book appearance, complete with his signature black curl of hair. The Superman Premium Format Figure also includes a poseable red fabric cape marked with Superman’s symbol in yellow.

Bring home the Last Son of Krypton and add the Superman Premium Format Figure to your collection today!

Brand: DC Comics
Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles
Type: Premium Format™ Figure


Materials: Polystone
Product Size: Height: 26" (660.4 mm) | Width: 13.5" (342.9 mm) | Depth: 10.5" (266.7 mm) | Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg)
Box Size: Height: 14.00" (355.6 mm) | Width: 22.00" (558.8 mm) | Depth: 28.00" (711.2 mm)
Dimensional Weight: 38.00 lbs (17.24 kg) [Intl. 52.00 lbs (23.59 kg)

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C,D,E and F:

Artwork: Superman

Superman Displate
Superman Displate

Displate is a magnet-mounted metal print. It’s durable, it’s steel. And you don’t need any power tools to hang it. Unlike any other home decor stores, their in-house production means they have control over the quality of every single product.

Poster Size:

M: 45 cm x 32 cm
L: 67.5 cm x 48 cm
XL: 90 cm x 64 cm

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Note: this is license and official artwork by DC Comics



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