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How To Make Your Artist’s Profile Stand Out in Displate

In this quick guide, we want to give you a few tips on how to make your profile pop, and stand out from other art shops on Displate . Not only will this knowledge help you introduce you and your style to potential customers, but it shall also boost your visibility in search and on the main page. Ok, so wanna know how to create an awesome artist’s profile? Learn from some tips below. How to make your artist’s profile stand out Here are the options you have: Pick a nickname Write a great bio Add a cool profile picture Add a great cover photo Add links to Youtube and Twitch Now let’s dive into some details: 1. Pick a catchy nickname The first step to create your awesome artist’s profile is to pick a good nickname for your shop. If you already have your online portfolio or you are known on social media for a concrete nickname – stay consistent and go for the name you are using. In this way, you can work on your brand and gain popularity on Displate and on the Internet in general. Here is

How to get your artwork to be approved in Displate

Displate is obsessed with the quality of the metal prints, hence Displate’s verification system accepts only images that meet our strict print requirements. Our product is of the highest quality, and so must be your design. Not following our rules may result in your work not being approved in verification or returned by a customer. You must respect the client, our work, and your own time. So, let’s see what you need to do to prevent your uploads from getting rejected. but wait, to see some approved artworks before we start these tips, click here File Preparation Checklist To be sure of the good quality of the final print, your files must comply with our guidelines. That is: appropriate the resolution, specific ratio, and color profile. The best pixel dimensions are 4000×5600 The shortest side of the image should be at least 2900 px Ratio 1.4:1 for the best product fit (ex. 4060px x 2900px) Go for a minimum of 300 dpi The maximum size of the file is 30MB Go for the sRGB color profile


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