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Fancy LEGO 71038 Disney 100 Minifigures Series - CHOOSE YOUR OWN! on eBay

Price: 12.95 USD

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Item Name: LEGO 71038 Disney 100 Minifigures Series – CHOOSE YOUR OWN!
Price: 12.95 USD only!!!
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Description: The Interesting LEGO 71038 Disney 100 Minifigures Series – CHOOSE YOUR OWN! eBay Brand new, opened to confirm which figure was inside, and carefully resealed — NEVER handled or assembled!  YES, ACCESSORIES, FIGURE, STAND, CHECKLIST AND PACKAGE ARE ALL INCLUDED!  Pick your own figure from the list!  Thanks for looking!  Now offering $4.50 Flat Shipping to Anywhere in the US!  Buy one figure or 50, the shipping cost is the same! ****ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS**** Due to recent changes in eBay’s international shipping program, apparently each item is now subject to a separate shipping charge. We cannot do anything about this – i.e. – “combining shipping” – as we have no control over the international shipping costs or any facet of eBay’s international program. Thank you for your understanding. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you combine shipping? A: For most items, yes! In order to take advantage of this, please use the “Add to Cart” button, NOT the “Buy It Now” button. You should see the cost of shipping stay the same (and discounts apply, if any) as you add more items to your cart. In the case of wanting to combine shipping across multiple auctions, eBay no longer allows buyers to “Request Total from Seller”. So we now have to refund the difference to you after the purchase is complete. In order for this to happen, you MUST notify us that you wish to do so.  THIS IS FOR DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES, ONLY.  WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT IS CHARGED FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, THIS IS HANDLED BY EBAY. Q: When is my order going to ship? A: We generally ship five days a week, Monday through Friday. That said, we often schedule pickups for Saturdays, as well. Q: It says that my package has been shipped, but it isn’t moving! Why hasn’t it been dropped off? A: We ship via USPS, who, as you may or may not know, can be extremely slow. The carrier that picks up our packages seldom scans them, and on rare occasions can go unscanned/not updated for 3-4 days. Needless to say, we have no control over USPS’ handling of packages after they leave our possession. That said, we’ve never had a package truly get lost, and we would ask for your patience and understanding in this matter. Q: Do you ship to my country? A: Generally, we ship worldwide. We ship ONLY through eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP). Q: Why is shipping to my country so expensive?! A: We DO NOT control the cost of international shipping. When you purchase an item as an international customer of eBay’s Global Shipping Program, we prepare and ship your item to a shipping center in the US. Once there, eBay then handles the rest; including customs forms and the dispatch of your package internationally. We aren’t even able to see how much you are charged by eBay for the international shipping portion of the transaction. We also do not control Import Taxes/Duties/Value Added Tax (VAT) or any variation thereof. Your country’s government levies these on purchases, if any, and we have no say in the matter. Q: Can I have a discount for reason XYZ? A: We frequently offer discounts for multiple purchases (one good example is the LEGO Minifigures, which we frequently offer 5% or 10% off of multi-figure purchases), or we will incorporate “best offer” into listings. Outside of that, unless you wish to buy many of something, we don’t generally do discounts. If you do wish to purchase many of an item we’re selling, contact us and we may be able to work something out! Q: Do you do local pickup? A: Nope, sorry. Q: Do you give some sort of “in-town discount” or reduced shipping for addresses that are close-by? A: See above. It costs exactly the same to ship to you as it does to someone who is a state or two away. Q: My package went to the wrong address! A: We only ship to Paypal-registered addresses that the buyer submits in their transaction. It is up to you, as the buyer, to ensure that your address is correct. We follow the information that you give to eBay, and that eBay gives us when you make a purchase. As we don’t personally know you, we would have no idea that your address isn’t correct. Q: I can’t buy/bid on one of your items. What’s the deal? A: If you purchased something from us, and then canceled, we will block IDs at our discretion. If you make an offer and we accept, and then you don’t pay and we have to cancel the transaction and relist, we will block. Finally, if you’re being a nuisance, same deal. Q: I accidentally bought something from you. I still want it, but I can’t pay until later in the week. Is that okay? A: Absolutely! Just send us a message letting us know that you won’t be able to pay for X amount of time (within reason, haha) and we’ll then know not to cancel your transaction. Q: You know what, I decided I don’t want this item after all. Is it okay if I cancel? A: Please, by all means, send us a message asking to cancel your order, instead of just waiting. You’re not going to upset us by asking to cancel. We’d much rather cancel and relist, than sit and wait for a payment that’s never going to come. Q: You keep rejecting my offer. Why? A: We put “Best Offer” on a lot of our auctions because we are absolutely willing to haggle and deal. However, we do research what we sell, and we know what our items are worth — and more importantly what we ideally want to see monetarily, from them. To that end, we place an auto-reject threshold on nearly every Best Offer auction we post, because we’re never going to accept a $4 offer on a $50 item, and apparently many people think they’re being cute by lowballing. So we preemptively put a stop to it., The Interesting LEGO 71038 Disney 100 Minifigures Series – CHOOSE YOUR OWN! also got amazing review from our previous customers.

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