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Glamorous Roblox Slap Battles - Flamarang Glove on eBay

Price: 24.99 USD

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Item Name: Roblox Slap Battles – Flamarang Glove
Price: 24.99 USD only!!!
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Description: The Magnificent Roblox Slap Battles – Flamarang Glove has Roblox Slap Battles – Flamarang Glove eBay Roblox Slap Battles – Flamarang Glove   THIS IS A DIGITAL ITEM WITHIN ROBLOX SLAP BATTLES!   Please read everything below thoroughly to avoid any issues, misunderstandings, etc. If you are under the age of 18, please have an adult go over the description below and the process on how to obtain the glove. For any additional questions that are not answered below, please message me before buying   Discord: tyr4nt23#0037  STORE HOURS MONDAY- SATURDAY 7AM-11PM PST SUNDAY- CLOSED   This listing is for one (1) Underkill Badge which in turn will unlock the Flamarang Glove!   FAQ Q: What is the Flamarang Glove Glove? A: Flamarang is a badge glove added on February 10, 2023. Visually, this glove has a very bright neon amber color to it. Alongside emitting red light and particles. Q: After I buy, what is the process? A: After purchasing, please provide your Roblox account info (preferably on the buyers notes when buying) and a schedule on when I can log in. Once I’m ready, I will start the process! NOTE: Most of the time users have account verification turned on, please be aware that I might need a verification code (it will get emailed to you once I try to log in) in order for me to log in to your account. Q: How long will it take you to get the Flamarang Glove for me? A: Once I’m logged in to your account, it will take around 30 min to an hour, depends on how people in the lobby are in terms of interfering with the process. Q: Do you use cheats to obtain the Glove? A: Absolutely not, no cheats/scripts/exe, etc. are used, only good old fashion grinding Q: Everything sounds great but giving my Roblox account to someone I don’t know seems sketchy at best, how do I know you are not going to steal my account or do something weird with it? A: Definitely understandable but note, my eBay store revolves around people providing their credentials to me so I can send them digital items (please see all my Pokémon listings) also note, my prefect reviews and my longevity on eBay will speak of my trustworthiness 🙂 Q: How would I know once I get Underkill badge/Flamarang Glove? A: I will message you with a screenshot of your profile name with the Exposed badge as proof of completion/delivery Q: I messaged you 5 min ago and you are not answering me…hello? Are you there?? Helloooo????? A: Please know that I am only one person managing an entire eBay shop and get multiple orders and messages per day. I will definitely respond back to you but please be patient. I also have a regular 9-5 job so sometimes I cannot respond right away… again, please be patient, I will get back to you 😊 Q: I’m thinking of scamming you and filing a report with eBay after a few weeks of receiving my item and claiming that I didn’t receive my digital item (even though I did), will I get away with it? A: Although rare, I’ve had buyers “attempt” to scam me. I’ll save you the hassle, you will get caught. Having a long standing Ebay account with a perfect record works to my advantage :0) Anyhow, credit card charge backs will be thrown back at you by eBay ($35 charge) and you will get your eBay account banned. It’s just not worth it, so please don’t, just don’t -_- Q: I accidentally bought this because (enter all possible reasons) can I get a refund? A: No refunds or exchanges, however, I’m kind enough to examine the situation and can reconsider but for the most part, no refunds is my standard rule. Again, for any additional question that were not answered above, please message me before buying! DISCLAIMER: All trademarks shown here are the property of their owners. This service is provided by a third party and is not sponsored, endorsed by, or connected with Roblox Inc in any way. This is just a guide to obtain/unlock these gloves.      

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