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Monsta Infinite "Monsta Wallet" FAQ

Monsta Wallet

Monsta Infinite was founded by Singaporean developer/company to provide an alternative to player who's already in Axie Infinity or looking for similar game to have a lower starting cost of $30 - $45 compared to $2,000.

Before you proceed, please visit FAQ V1FAQ V2, Gameplay and Strategy FAQ to understand more about Monsta Infinite.

Here are the most frequently asked questions for Monsta Wallet

How to download Monsta Wallet?

Most recommend browser?
  • PC = Google Chrome
  • Andriod = KIWI (but not officially supported)
When is the app version available?
The team is currently waiting for the app store to approve us.

Is it possible to create the Monsta Wallet by smartphone?
As stated in the medium, we don't have mobile support yet.

When will it be released for smartphones? before October 22nd?
We can't give the definite date yet as the team is waiting for approval, please wait for the announcement.

Is it safe to say that trezor is not compatible with monsta wallet?
is not compatible at the moment. Not at the moment but it's in mind for the future.

Can I create a Monsta wallet anytime or is it limited?
You can create anytime. Just make sure your monsta wallet is ready before the bridging date.

Does Monsta wallet have a conflict with metamask?
No. This is our phishing detection on sites that have problems in the future. We are using metamask open source code for this.

Monsta wallet install normally. But when I went to see your installed extension, I noticed Monsta Wallet "errors", it may affect the transaction?
It's a phishing detection feature for sites that may cause security issues to your wallet. For the errors, they are warning about several bug issues as this is just the V1 of Monsta Wallet. Rest assured we are continuously upgrading our wallet to remove the bugs and allow a smoother UI.

Do we use Monsta wallet for playing? but not only for bridging?
Yes. it's meant to have 0 gas fees for any in-game transactions.

How to create a Monsta wallet for mobile users?
Most Users found out they can use KIWI browser.

Can we use KIWI browser to install Monsta wallet?
Yes, can

Monsta wallet supported by Microsoft Edge browser?

Does the wallet registration work for ubuntu linux chrome extension?
Yes can.

I have multiple BSC wallets, can i transfer MONI to the same Monsta wallet? or do I need to use a different Monsta wallet?
You can transfer to the same Monsta wallet.

Monsta Infinite to the Moon!
Fan Art by Gab Fernando

CA for inception Monsta?

How do I check my IM status?
It's automatically distributed to your wallet. You can check it on the BSC or Monsta barter tab on our website. It'll be named as IMEGG.

Where is the language setting for the wallet?
Change the language that they use for google chrome. Try to change the setting language.

What's XMONI? Why not MONI?
Usually things are wrapped or set up a little differently on a side chain like wrapped ether or BNB. The team will be explaining it in future guides as well. Please stay tuned on the announcement channel.

What's the steps for KIWI browser?
  1. Download Kiwi browser
  2. Go to
  3. make your kiwi browser a desktop site so that you can download the wallet.
  4. HOW? Go to the settings and tap the desktop site.
  5. After downloading the Monsta wallet, go to the settings > Extension
  6. There's a + (from zip) - tap that and select the downloaded Monsta wallet zip file
  7. Don't press something in the file, just click the + from .zip, then select the file, just wait there, and it will load the extension. Once it is loaded, you can see the Monsta extension and you can start up.
Is it not bannable to create multiple accounts in one Monsta Wallet when buying eggs?

One Monsta Wallet address = one game account?


When buying, max of 3 eggs per wallet address, not per wallet installation?

When can we hatch our IM?
October 18 1400UTC+0. Hatching can be done one after the other, no cooldown in between, but you have to manually hatch it one by one. There isn't a button to click once to hatch all.

Do we have an audit for Monsta Wallet?

Monsta wallet is not a smart contract, it doesn't need a smart contract. But soon we will have a bug bounty for it.

When can we transfer our IM to Monsta wallet?
you can transfer until the bridging and transfer button are functional. The IM only can be transferred when it becomes an adult.

When can we bridge MONI to our Monsta wallet?
You can bridge it on October 15 1400UTC+0. There will be a guide release before the date. Please stay tuned on the announcement channel.

When can we swap MONI to STT?

It will be available on October 22 1400UTC+0. We will release a guide before the date. Please stay tuned on the announcement channel.

After I created the Monsta wallet, I can no longer connect my Metamask to all of the sites. Is this the result of creating the Monsta wallet?
If you install Monsta wallet but want to use Metamask but showing an error, please go to the extension from the browser and click disable, then it will work, if you want to use back Monsta wallet, just click enable. no need to uninstall.

monsta wallet

Disclaimer: Q/A did by @agnes1026 | Core Team

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